Poverty Alleviation

Poverty Alleviation

This will be done through the below projects;

Restoring the Dignity of the Forgotten Senior Citizens
A major program with the intent of addressing the aged in different counties. Through this initiative, Optiven Foundation aims at restoring the dignity of the elderly citizens in the nation through provision of decent housing for their safety and security. The first phase benefited Senior citizens in Kitui County. They were privileged to get fully equipped houses with a solar lamp, a bed, mattress, curtains and utensils.

Women Empowerment
The focus on poverty alleviation will be on women. This is because, women contribute and have an influence on socio-economic dynamics despite the fact that they face many real challenges .Economic development of women will lead to increase in the income hence leading to more stable households. The Foundations seeks to work closely with various women to generate long-term and sustainable programs that will lead to continuous flow of income. Agri-business will be core, as this will help meet the desire reduce food shortages and at the same time have some money left for re-investment.

Youth Empowerment
The high level of unemployment has been blamed for escalating incidents of crime and insecurity in the country to the extent of the youths being recruited for acts of terrorism. To reverse this trend, Kenya must see its growing youth population as an opportunity, not a liability. To address the youth challenges in Kenya, youth development and empowerment have been recognized as vital for building the human capital that allows young people to avoid the challenges they face and live better and possibly have a more fulfilling. Optiven Foundation seeks to adopt some development strategies towards Youth Economic Empowerment in Kenya.These strategies are;

  • Establishing Water selling points
  • Providing Motorbikes
  • Building Hotels

Children's home visits
Kenya is currently battling the HIV/AIDS pandemic; the infected and most especially the affected. The government in conjunction with private partners and donor agencies have actively campaigned towards a Zero-infection of HIV/AIDS. Despite these efforts, HIV/AIDS infections are still on the rise and most especially among the couples. This in effect leads to an increase in the number of orphans as a result of their parents succumbing to the HIV/AIDS related diseases. Some of these orphans are infected with the virus at birth.  Optiven Foundation believes that these orphans whether infected or affected can have a bright future but this can only be achieved if they are able to grow in a conducive environment. A clean, secure and comfortable home will enhance their growth as well as protect them from communicable and infectious diseases that are as a result of poor hygiene and a harsh environment.


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