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You Helped Feed One More Kenyan, Asante Sana!


Our Dear Partner & Fellow Philanthropist,

Optiven Foundation takes this chance to sincerely thank you forthe very Great Support in donating towards the “Feed One More” Initiative that saw over 10,000 hungry deserving fellow citizens in 4 different counties in Kenya in Samburu, Kajiado, Laikipia and Nyeri, among others take home a well nutritioned meal. “Feed One More” Initiative by Optiven Foundation was officially launched on the 13th February, 2017 by the Foundation Chair, George Wachiuri , together with our Board of Trustees who contributed Kshs 2,000,000 (Two Million Kenyan Shillings) towards this great and noble initiative.

This was a crucial agenda with regards to one of the pressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - To end hunger and fight food insecurity, by partnering with National Drought Management Authority to give relief assistance to address the situation due to the short rains and the rivers drying up. Optiven Foundation made a call for action to you our fellow Kenyan to partner and you responded promptly. Thank you very much for heeding to this call and supporting this course immensely. Optiven Group staff was also not left behind; they donated part of their salaries as well as skipping their meals and contributed towards this in a very big way.

In addition, other individuals, corporates, churches, private and public organizations, also made a very big difference in addressing this calamity to put a drop towards this.
Every shilling counted in this endeavor and we were able to make a great impact. The affected communities had been greatly affected by the harsh dry weather conditions and would spend many sleepless nights because they had not had a meal in days and weeks.

Besides, they had to walk for tens of kilometres in search of water and green pastures for their animals since the rains had failed and thus this was a countrywide calamity. They have sparse water points and have to share with domestic as well as wild animals for these precious commodities.  The response from the impacted communities was overwhelming when they saw their fellow Kenyans sacrificing and working very hard to guarantee a long desired meal on their tables for a while.

This Is How The Journey Towards “Feed One More “ Iniative Was

  • On 27th February 2017
    Optiven Foundation embarked on the 1st mission to Ngatataek, Kajiado County where we distributed food to many homes in the major villages of Oloika, Nodia, Nentonai, Noositet, Loisipeti, Ilekeekoigeo amongst others.
  • 3rd March, 2017
    Our 2nd mission  wasKieni West Sub-County in Nyeri County in areas such as Laburra Location, Mweiga, Lamuria Location. Our 3rd Mission was Solio Location in Laikipia County.
  • 17th March, 2017
    In our 4th mission, we embarked to Maralaltown, the administrative headquarters of Samburu County where we again fed the major villages the likes of - Lulu Hills, Soitpos, Lorrok, Metarai, Lolmongo, Elba, Kiriswa Hill, Ntungai, Lorrok Lolmongo Villages amongst others.

You and I had a duty to feed our fellow Kenyans and we heeded to this call. It was indeed Kenyans to Kenyans for Kenyans - Mkenya Daima! And together we were able to “FEED ONE MORE” We do not take your generosity and support for granted. We are most honored!

Once again, Thank you!
At Optiven, We Value You!

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