2016 SESP Eaglets

The Soaring Eagles Scholarship Programme - 2016 Eaglets

Here Are Some Of The 2016 Eaglets Under the Programme:


1. Dave Odiwour

Dave Odiwuor was born on 3rd March 2001 schooled at King Solomon School and attained 409 marks. Dave has 6 siblings, three at the university and one in high school, one a teacher and a house wife. His father was the sole bread winner but was retrenched in February 2011; they have not been able to get sufficient income to educate all the siblings. Dave has been admitted to Maranda high. 1st Term Results A


2. Wangechi Linet Wangari

Wangechi Linet Wangari was born on 3rd April 2002. She schooled at Kimahuri Primary a public school in Kieni constituency in Nyeri County. She attained 379 marks.  She is the second born in a family of 5, one in Secondary, and three in primary school. She is from a single mother family who has a terminal illness. Wangechi has been admitted to Moi Girls Isinya High School. 1st Term Results A-(Minus)


3.  Saitoti Catherine Nasei

Saitoti Catherine Nasei was born on 22nd April 2002. She schooled at Mwiki primary School in Kiambu County which is a public school. She attained 364 Marks. She is an orphan. The single mother passed on. She comes from a family of 5, elder sister is married, the brother is a casual laborer, and the other sister is in a teaching college and the sister in high school. The mother passed on, on 12th July 2009 in Kajiado. She was taken in by the guardian who runs a church in Githurai 45, of Jehovah El-shaddai Ministries which also run a Children’s home. She needs support because; there were other pupils who sat for the KCPE from the Children’s home and they are not able to cater for them all. The church is not big and has around 70 members. School Admitted to: Chogoria girls. 1st Term Results: C+(Plus).


4. Wanjiku Dennis Mungai

Dennis Mungai was born on 12th July 1999. He Schooled at Harvard Academy in Manyatta Constituency Embu County. Attained 387 marks. He was sponsored through the academy after the mother passed on. No other siblings. Stays with the grandparents, who are elderly (Grandmother with a leg disability and grandfather suffers from High blood pressure.) The mother passed on due to Breast cancer on 19th September 2014. Admitted to Nguviu Boys. 1st Term Results B-(Minus)


5. Mwaniki Collins Macharia

Mwaniki Collins Macharia was born on 30th March 2000. Schooled at Shalom Primary and attained 389 marks in Kieni constituency in Nyeri County. He was sponsored through primary because he was bright. The father abandoned them in the year 2007, and the mother is the sole bread winner. Has three siblings, one in secondary, and the other sat for KCPE in 2015. Admitted to Nyahururu boys. 1st Term Results A-(Minus)


6. Mwangi Tabitha Nyokabi

Mwangi Tabitha Nyokabi was Born on 4th July 2001. She schooled at Tambaya Primary in Mukurweini- Nyeri County. Both parents are alive, the father is disabled. She has three siblings, one a farmer, and two in Primary school. The mother is the sole bread winner. Attained 360 marks after repeating had done 2014 KCPE and scored 335 marks. Been admitted to South Tetu Girls.  1st Term Results B (Plain)


7. Gitau Lilian Nyambura

Lilian Nyambura was born on 12th December 2000, schooled at Gaikundo primary and attained 360 marks. Has seven siblings, one not employed, the other cleared Moi University, one is a house help in Nairobi, 2 in high school and 2 in primary. She is joining Kamahuha girls. Both parents are alive. The family was evicted from Molo where they were squatters. They moved to Nyeri - Mukurweini after evictions during the 2007/2008 post-election violence. Depend on casual jobs to sustain the family, and well-wishers who give them a place to build temporarily. 1st Term Results A-(Minus)


8. Nyaguthii Derrick Mwangi

Nyaguthii Derrick Mwangi was born on 23rd February 1997. He schooled at Missions of Hope in Starehe constituency in Nairobi county and attained 393 marks. Has three siblings, one did 2015 KCPE, and the other has joined Nursery school. The father left them and the mother is a casual laborer who does salon work on commission. They live in Mlango Kubwa in Nairobi. Admitted to Kangaru Boys. 1st Term Results B (Plain)


9. Mavusyu Brian Mumbi

10) Mavusyu Brian Mumbi was born on 7th July 2001. Schooled at Hope Spring Star and attained 403, Was committed to Gethsemane International Children’s home, after he was abandoned by the mother when he was 13 years old in the year 2014.He was sponsored through class eight. Has been admitted to Machakos boys. 1st Term Results A-(Minus)


10. Onyango Poly Henry

Was born on 5th August 2000, Schooled at Buliwani Primary and attained 372 marks. Has two siblings, one who dropped out of school and the other 14 years old in class 6, He is a partial orphan, who loves with a well-wisher. Onyango was initially employed as a shamba boy by the well-wisher, and a care taker to the farm where the mother lived. After the mother lived, the well-wisher asked him to leave and he indicated he had nowhere to go to, the mother disappeared after the death of the father. So, the well-wisher took him to primary school and he has had outstanding performance, he has been admitted to LuguluA.c secondary school in Busia. 1st Term Results A (Plain)


12. Kamenchu Nicholas

Kamenchu Nicholas was born in 1999, He is an orphan and no sibling and was sponsored through primary education. Schooled at Top Performance and scored 363, and was admitted to Tala boy’s high school. Stays with the guardians who are peasant’s farmers.  1st Term Results A- (Minus)


13.  Mureithi Ian Njagi

Mureithi Ian Njagi was born on 30th August 2001, has one sibling and schooled in High Crest Primary. He attained 402 marks. Was admitted to Baricho High School. The father was a drunkard and the mother got a spinal injury in 2009 which made her lose her job after she became immobile. The father chasedthem from their East Leigh home has been an absent Three years after, the mother was able to walk again but in crutches, , he came and took him to a boarding school from the public school he was schooling in. However he didn’t pay ant school fees, and the violence did not stop and after the interventions from the community and the police he later left. He was then sponsored by the school until he did his class eight.


14. Ngala Zabibu Munyazi

Born on 20th July 1999, schooled at Sokokepimary and attained 360 marks. Has eight siblings, 2 are form four leavers, one in form three, and the rest in primary school. Admitted in Bahari girls .She is a partial orphan, the mother ran away after the sudden death of the father (she was a second wife) and Ngala was taken by her elder sister who is a house wife and has a family of her own. 1st Term Results B


15. Kosgei Cornelius Kibiwot

Was born on 15th May 2000. Went to school at Kimathi Primary, and attained 348 marks. He is an orphan, and stays with the sister who sells utensils in Nairobi. Mother passed on due to cancer, and the father Asthma. He has two other siblings the sister who takes care of him and a brother.Has been admitted to Aquinas High School. 1st Term Results B(Plain)


16) Adera Munanganda Kwama

Was born on 1st December 2001, Schooled at Missions of Hope and attained 386 marks. Father is deceased, stays with the mother. Has Four siblings, one in Form Four, the other in Form Three, one sat also for the KCPE in 2015 and the other is in class 8. The mother is ailing from Chronic TB and has been in Kenyatta Hospital for so long. And she is not able to work or walk now. He has been fetching water for the neighbors to get a little money for the family usage. The church has been supporting them with food and a neighbor hosts him and his big brother.  Been admitted to MasingaSchool, a provincial school in Matuu.
1st Term Results A(Plain)


  17) Fred Mnaga
Attained 375 marks, in west Pokot, both parents are alive but not able to raise the school fees, they are peasant farmers.Has another sister who also did class eight and attained 333 marks. Has been admitted to Chewoyet Boys High School.
He has an External donor


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