2017 SESP Eaglets

The Soaring Eagles Scholarship Programme - 2017 Eaglets

Gathogo Beatrice   Gathogo Beatrice Muthoni
Schooled at Karaguririo Primary in Nyeriand attained 379 Marks, joined Loreto Kiambu. She is the 2nd born in a family of three. Brought up by a single mother after their father left never to return. She has overcome all odds and she is excelling in her academics. The mother is a casual laborer and that is how she has been raising funds for their upkeep.She wants to be a doctor after school.
Musa Sapuro   Musa Koitaos Sapuro
Schooled at St. Timothy in Kajiado, attained 358 marks and has joined Dagorreti Boys in Nairobi. He is the 5th born in a family of six, 4 of whom are already married off and the younger sister in class 6.The parents are aged and not in a position to sustain his education, and the other siblings being school drop outs he is the only hope for the family.He wants to be a flying doctor after school to rescue his communities from deaths that occurs due to delayed treatments.
Jasper Atura   Jasper Atura
Schooled at Uzima Junior Academy where he was under the school’s sponsorship, and managed to attain 415 marks, he is a total orphan. Has joined Maranda High.Second born in a family of three. Wants to be a doctor after school.
David Macharia   David Macharia Wairimu
Schooled at St. Mathew learning center, and schooled 369 marks, has joined Moi Forces Academy. He is a total orphan, He was sponsored through primary school since he was bright and needy, his single mother passed on when he was three years old and has been at the Children’s Home since then. Wants to be a lawyer after school.
Clara Tola   Tola Clara Mkyaboya
Schooled at Mtangeni Primary in Tana River, attained 333 marks, and has joinedWanjohi secondary school. First born in a family of two. Parents have separated and she stays with the grandmother, affected by the Oromo- Pokomo tribal clashes. Father a casual worker. She wants to be a bank manager after school.
Karuga Lauryn   Karuga Lauryn Wangui
Schooled at Gatunguru Primary School inKirinyaga and attained 352 marks, has joined Ngiriambu Girls. She if from a single mother family and stays with the grandmother. The grandfather has a terminal sickness making it more difficult for the family, the mother is a casual laborer.
Yvonne Juma   Yvonne Nafula Juma
Schooled at Ndururuno Primary School in Nairobi’s Mathare slums, attained 375 marks and joined Loreto Kiambu secondary school. She is the first born in a family of three, father is on a contract employment and mother is a stay home motherafter leaving work due to birth complications. Wants to be cardiologist after school.
Beryl Owinyo   Owinyo Beryl Adhiambo
Schooled at Lanet Lighthouse in Nakuru and attained 364 marks, has joined Ruchu Girls, she is the first born in a family of two and a total orphan due to HIV/AIDS who was taken in by the uncle. Has been supported through primary. She wants to be a Children’s lawyer after school.
Kiteme Isaac   Kiteme Isaac Mile
Schooled at Precious moment academy in Kitui were he was under scholarship and attained 390 marks, has joined Nguviu Boys. He is the 3rd born in a family of 4 where. He is a total orphan and stays with the grandmother.Wants to be an airplane engineer.
Sammy George Mutua   Sammy George Mutua
Schooled at Kathungu primary school and attained 357 marks, this was the 3rd time he had sat for the KCPE after due to lack of school fees to join high school. He is the third born in a family of six. He is slightly disabled with abnormal shortness. Both parents are alive but the father suffers from epilepsy, the mother is the sole bread winner from her casual work.
    Sammy Alex Mwendwa
Schooled at Kathungu primary school and attained 383 marks. Both parents are alive but the father suffers from epilepsy, the mother is the sole bread winner from her casual work. He is the 4th born in a family of six.

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