Who we are

Optiven Foundation is a private charitable organisation registered in Kenya to advance ideas and support institutions to promote a better world. The foundation works through donations and volunteer work.

Over the last 6 years, Optiven Foundation have supported initiatives to advance education for needy students, preserve the environment, improve lives and livelihoods for senior citizens, provision of food in marginalised counties, and promote the health.

Core Pillars

Provision of Education

The Foundation sponsors secondary and special education for needy students from 47 counties in Kenya so that they can positively contribute for the development of the society and people around them

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Poverty Alleviation

The Foundation has consistently restored the Dignity of the Forgotten Senior Citizens by building homes and provision of basic necessities. It also organises Women and Youth Empowerment programs, and Children’s home visits.

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Promotion of Health

The foundation organises initiatives such as Substance abuse campaigns, Medical Camps and Distributing sanitary pads to girls in school in order to promote health.

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Environment Protection

Every season, Optiven Foundation organises tree-planting initiatives, clean-up of counties. In addition, the foundation advocates on the use of Green Energy.

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News, Events and Blogs

Clean up is for Everyone

September 17th, 2021|

It is said that a goal that crosses borders and defies religious and cultural differences, is the one to note.

Success Stories