The Foundation

The Optiven Foundation mission – since its inception on 30th May 2014 – is to create visible transformation that positively impacts communities, partners and other stakeholders through sustainable socio economic programmes. Each day, the foundation advances this mission through four (4) major pillars;

  1. Provision of education to needy children,
  2. Poverty alleviation,
  3. Promotion of health, and
  4. Environmental protection.

Optiven Foundation is the soft arm (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Optiven Group.

  • We cover Sustainable Development Goals – (SDGs) – SDG No.2 Fight/Eradicate Hunger through our Feed One More Initiative
  • We also cover SDG No.5 Gender equality where we seek to change the course of the 21st century through addressing key challenges such as poverty, inequality, and violence against women and girls.

How we work

Optiven Foundation works through donations and volunteer work. In addition to these, the trustees have also authored books whose proceeds go directly to the foundation. The foundation is also supported to a great extent by its mother company Optiven Group who channel 5% of its profits to the foundation.

What we stand for

  • Community Focus
  • Good Stewardship
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment