Ann Kariuki’s story is one of resilience and hope. As a gospel artist in Kenya, Ann has touched many lives with her passionate songs and tireless faith. Her journey took an unexpected turn when she faced serious health challenges, including the loss of her voice and a spinal injury from a road accident.

Despite these setbacks, Ann’s spirit has remained unbroken. She has continued to compose and write songs, even when she could not sing them herself and philanthropists have stepped in to ensure Ann Kariuki receives the support she requires.

The Optiven Foundation started their journey with Ann Kariuki in 2023 after Dr. Wachiuri made a promise to the gospel artist to support and ensure dignity has been restored. Ann Nyagah, The Optiven Foundation coordinator visited Kariuki at her home in September 2023 to offer emotional support and understand her story.

In October the following month, through an initiative aimed at building Ann Kariuki a house, The Foundation delivered on their promise by handing over a cheque to cater for the tiles. 20th April 2024 the house was officially opened in a ceremony to celebrate the power of coming together for positive change. Ann’s story is not just about the challenges she faced but also about the generosity and kindness of those around her.

It’s a touching narrative that underscores the importance of community and how collective efforts can significantly improve an individual’s life. Through her music and the contributions she has received, Ann Kariuki continues to inspire and give hope to many, proving that with faith and the help of others, it’s possible to overcome even the most discouraging obstacles.

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