The Optiven Foundation on the 18th December 2023 visited Kakululo to spread joy and love among the senior citizens and less privileged. The team made a stop at Kithyoko shopping center to purchase food items from local businesses, which were then gifted to the residents. The Foundation’s selfless work was well received at Destiny Life Church Kakululo, where the team shared the purpose of their visit, which was to spread the message of togetherness and love.

As the festive season continues, the Optiven Foundation has been on the road bringing joy and togetherness for many families. The feed one more program is an initiative aimed at tackling food insecurity and focuses on providing food stuff to individuals and families in marginalised communities. This fourth quarter the Foundation have been on various counties and children homes but today was set aside for Kitui where George Wachiuri was granted a Kamba leader earlier in the year.

The Poverty Alleviation pillar was the guiding arm for the day with the pillar going beyond just providing sustenance especially during this season. Ann Nyagah, the Optiven Foundation coordinator is a well seasoned councillor and recognises the need for spreading the spirit of compassion, sharing and communism.

“The Optiven Foundation is not just a beacon of charity but a conduit for love and generosity. This festive season let us open our hearts, extend our arms and promote compassion and kindness.”

Countless communities were able to benefit during the trip to Kitui. The community was overwhelmed and the chief expressed his sincere thanks to George Wachiuri and the Optiven Foundation for the privilege especially during these trying times. There are still few more counties to be transversed before the year comes to a close and we are more than happy to welcome partners and donors to continue contributing to positive change in the world.

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