Baraka Technical College has hosted several beneficiaries of the Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program by the Optiven Foundation including 2 who are currently learning cosmetology and construction. According to the Sustainable Development Goal 4, Education and Job Readiness pillar is core to Dr. Wachiuri as it equips learners with skills and knowledge to shape the world.

Located in Matuu, Machakos county, Baraka Technical College is led by Mrs Mutuko for 28 years now offering significant courses with a vision of offering education to underprivileged youth. The christian based school started in the 1940s and has evolved to be a pioneer in their region.

We appreciate the Optiven Foundation in trusting us to nurture and equip these individuals with the power of education not only to build successful careers but also contribute meaningfully to society,” she emphasized.

Over the past months, The Education and Job Readiness pillar earned the Optiven Foundation several accolades including runners up at the Uongozi Career Awards and “Education for all” winners at the ESG Awards reinstating our efforts in making education accessible and our commitment to improving literacy.

The Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program is celebrating 8 years since its inception which is primarily need based and caters for all the financial needs of the students throughout the year including text books and pocket money. During the holidays, Ann Nyagah, a certified councilor offers mentorship that aims to equip one with soft skills that boost their self-esteem.

I am especially indebted to the Optiven Foundation for the support, not only opening my doors to quality education but also instilling a sense of responsibility,” said Valerie pursuing cosmetology.

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