Happy new year and welcome to the year of Big Success from the Optiven Foundation. This year is instrumental as we create visible transformation through sustainable economic transformation and what better way than by starting by our core pillar the Education and Job readiness.

Since its inception the program has been a beacon of hope to many deserving students facing financial strains and 2024 the program promises to be bigger and better with increased scholarship pool and a renewed focus on diversity and inclusion.

Ann Nyagah, the Optiven Foundation coordinator works to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 which ensure quality education and lifelong opportunities to all. Through that she is ready to empower bright minds and fuel academic journey’s.

By investing in education, the program strengthens communities, fosters innovation and paves the way for the students to reach their highest potential and her efforts were acknowledged in the Corporate Career Academy as seen

Already there are beneficiaries who have visited our office as Absa Towers to receive counselling and guidance including Felisa Wangeci who was elated by the support she has received this new year, “The scholarship has not only allowed my daughter to access quality education but also instilled in me a sense of responsibility and a desire to give back to the community.”

The Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program is celebrating 8 years since its inception which is primarily need based and caters for all the financial needs of the students throughout the year including text books and pocket money. During the holidays, Ann Nyagah a certified councilor offers mentorship that aims to equip one with soft skills that boost their self-esteem. Through this unwavering objective, the program is not only empowering individuals but shaping the future of Kenya, an eaglet at a time.

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