Mobility that brings smiles an initiative of the Optiven Foundation means ensuring that individuals receive suitable wheelchairs that meet their specific needs. This includes, considering factors such as the users physical condition, life style and environment.

In providing properly fitted and adjustable wheelchairs contributes to better posture, reduces the risk of pressure sores and enhances comfort and mobility.

On 21st November 2023 the Optiven Foundation was on the road to Kirinyaga East to inspire possibilities but more so give wheelchairs to deserving individuals. Francis and Edward through unfortunate events have been struggling to move around and through good samaritans we were able to be informed of their conditions and made our objective to offer our support.

Edward ( not his real name) who worked as a Reverend in Mt Kenya West churches and was a vibrant and active individual, always full of life and energy. However, everything changed one fateful day when he was involved in a tragic accident along Nyeri- Nyahururu highway and left him with multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury that left him in a coma. Edward’s coma plunged his family into a state of despair and uncertainty leaving him unconscious for a long time.

Eventually after two months Edward began to show signs of improvement giving the family a promising end. He emerged from the coma, but the extent of the damage left a painful mark among the family. He was unable to recognize anyone including his family and friend who brought a hand of help.

His memory is severely impaired and he struggles to recall even the most basic details of his life. Due to brain affection, Edward is physically debilitated making him unable to walk or perform even the simplest task without assistance.

Later on we met Francis (not real name) has been using a wheelchair for 37 years he has not been able to walk making his world shrink dramatically. His parents have been supportive all these years helping him to feed, move around and even help himself as his diagnosis which is still unknown has made him dependent on him.

The Optiven Foundation came in for support in the provision of a wheelchair to make him conserve the family energy and provided a better wheelchair to Francis to help him better fit and move around seamlessly.

The Optiven Foundation have donated over 50 wheelchairs this year to bring back mobility to those differently abled and we will continue to support and welcome partners to donate through:

Mpesa Paybill: 898 630
Account Name : Donation
Call / SMS / Whatsapp: +254 718 776033