The elder abuse day is observed annually on 15th June and serves as a reminder to society about the rights and dignity of older individuals. It aims to bring attention to the various forms of abuse that the seniors may face including physical, emotional and neglectful treatment. It also serves as a reminder for governments, policymakers and organizations to develop and implement effective strategies and support systems to prevent elder abuse and provide assistance.

Poverty Alleviation pillar, under The Optiven Foundation has been engaging in various programs to help eradicate poverty within communities including “The Forgotten Senior Citizens Initiative.” Through this initiative The Foundation aims at restoring the dignity of the elderly citizens in the nation through provision of decent housing for their safety.

Ann Nyagah the Optiven Foundation coordinator noted it is crucial to create an environment where older adults feel safe, respected and supported enabling them to live with dignity and without fear of mistreatment. Elder abuse is a significant issue that affects many senior citizens around the world and raising awareness about it can help prevent such mistreatment and improve the overall well being of older adults.

Over the past weekend The Optiven Foundation were in Kieni, Nyeri county to donate food and other basic essentials as over 10,000 senior citizens have benefited from such programs. Three houses have been built by The Foundation and in 2021, Josephine Leshao was gifted a title deed for approximately 1.5 million at one of Optiven’s grandeur project “Garden of Joy“.

This year’s theme was “Closing the circle: Addressing gender based violence in older age policy, Law and Evidence based responses. The theme highlights the fact that elder abuse is a gendered issue, with women more likely to experience abuse.

On women’s day 2023(March 8th), The Foundation invited women to empower them at our offices guided by George Wachiuri, the Optiven Foundation chairman and The Optiven Group Director for Strategy and Operations Mary Wacuka to educate the Ivovoani women on actively engaging in gender based discrimination and promoting gender equality so these women can participate effectively in the society.

By dedicating resources and efforts to raise awareness about elder abuse, The Optiven Foundation is keen to promote the welfare of older adults and foster a society that values and protects its senior citizens,” George Wachiuri Chairman of the Optiven Foundation highlighted.

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