Children's Home Visits
Restoring the Dignity of the Forgotten Senior Citizens
Support Education of Needy and Special Needs Students
Promotion of Health
Provision of Education - The Soaring Eagles Scholarship Programme
Women Empowerment
Mentorship and Youth Empowerment

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Our Core Pillars

educationprovision   PROVISION OF EDUCATION
Objectives: To transform the needy students so that they can influence the people around them... Read More>>
 healthprovision   PROMOTION OF HEALTH
Health programs will be focused on the specific epidemics in a bid to create awareness and preventive measures on the same... Read More>>
povertyalleviation   POVERTY ALLEVIATION
Restoring the Dignity of the Forgotten Senior Citizens, Women and Youth Empowerment... Read More>>
enviromentalprotection   ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION
The quality of our environment does much to affect our well being: a cleaner, pollution free environment is healthier, safer and more pleasant... Read More>>

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News and Events

Creating One Million Entrepreneurs Project - Million Entrepreneurs arise

Update on 20-05-2016 heard it right. Creating over 1 million Entrepreneurs by 2035, that is, in the...

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Thank you for attending the Restoring the Dignity Breakfast

Update on 10-05-2016

Thank you so much for attending the Restoring the Dignity of the most Vulnerable in...

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Mwingi Medical camp

Update on 19-04-2016

There was also a medical camp at Kakululo dispensary with a team of 35 qualified...

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Restoring the Dignity of the Forgotten Senior Citizens Project- Phase 1

Update on 18-04-2016

Forgotten Senior Citizens Project is an Optiven Foundation initiative aimed at restoring the dignity of...

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