Today is World Breathing Day and in thus time of COVID-19 – we are living in an unprecedented time on planet Earth. Optiven Group, joined the rest of the country in a second lockdown as cases of those infected with Covid 19 took an upward spike during the third wave.

While the government continues to mitigate, Optiven Group Foundation has this year taken steps to help many in need. The reality as Foundation Chairman George Wachiuri says is that “the pandemic has brought with it many challenges, but also many gifts, such as the emergent awareness that we need to know more about the most basic life-giving force that we have, our breathing.

Am happy that ahead of today’s observation, Optiven Foundation has been involved in an advocacy drive urging the public to plant trees and increase our forests cover, which is important for sustenance of life and our breathing’.

On April 11th, the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) and its global affiliates celebrate the 3rd annual World Breathing Day, a global event that invites us to learn and experience conscious breathing, and to celebrate the healing and unifying power of breath. More than ever, the world needs to hit the pause button and BREATHE!!! Which is to enjoy a deep, conscious breath here and now.

Global adversity has set the stage for a humanity wide invitation to learn to use conscious breathing as a daily tool for living a high quality of life. This can only be possible if our environment is supportive of such a life. Through the Environment Pillar, the Optiven Foundation has partnered with county governments in Machakos and Kajiado to plant trees that purify the air.

Through an initiative to launch the #OptivenForestsChallenge on March 22, 2021, the foundation has encouraged the planting of thousands of trees starting within three Projects at Optiven.

The Foundation has further spearheaded the planting of flowers to improve our ecosystem by partnering with GMC Place Kitengela to participate in the global Plant A Flower Day 2021.

The truth is that humanity faces a new and ongoing challenge that professional breathworkers and therapists are reporting: People are becoming scared of the air. This fear often results in restricted breathing which can trigger stress and anxiety, which in turn can have negative impacts on the body’s life force. Left unchecked, the effects on mental health and the immune system can be disastrous.

This World Breathing Day is a day to learn more about your breath and be instructed on new and healthier ways to use it. During times of crises, conscious breathing has been proven to support people in maintaining physical, mental and emotional balance, and as a result, enhancing health and preventing trauma.

And it has numerous benefits to our health Breath reduces stress and if we reduce stress, we strengthen the immune system Breath is life! Let’s breathe for all those who are fighting for their breath right now. This can be through the lifestyle we lead. Wachiuri says, ‘take time to exercise and eat healthy.

This is why our projects under real estate are deliberate in providing jogging tracks, meditation areas and green spaces for the residents. So we are transforming the future of families that will live in Projects like Happy Gardens in Kitengela”. His sentiments are backed up by a robust greening initiative at the Garden of Joy where this April, hundreds of trees have been planted in common areas for the joy of investors.

As we observe the world breath day today, let us be grateful for the gift of life and work on staying safe during this pandemic.  What can an individual do to reduce their risk of a severe case of COVID-19? In the absence of a cure, improving the health of an individual, especially pulmonary health, is important. Hydration, balanced nutrition, appropriate exercise and regular sleep may help.

Once an individual is infected, fresh air and cleaning the environment are recommended. This helps protect those who interact with a patient in home or healthcare settings. It also reduces re-exposure to viral particles that the individual may cough, sneeze or breathe out. Rebreathing viral particles may lead to infection of other parts of the lung and increase viral load.

Attention to wellness during the mild period of COVID-19 may impact whether it becomes severe. Among the well established means of strengthening the immune response to many viruses are elevated hydration, balanced nutrition (chicken or egg drop soup!), good sleep habits, and not interfering with elevated temperature unless it exceeds safe limits (103◦F, 39.5 ◦C) [1]. Improving respiratory health before becoming infected, should also improve outcomes.

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