World AIDS day is celebrated on the 1st of December every year. It is an opportunity for people to unite in the fight against the virus. The theme for this year’s event is End AIDS, End Inequalities, End pandemics.

According to UNAIDS, more than 1.6 million people in Kenya are living with HIV and AIDS. More than 25000 people per year die due to HIV and AIDS complications during the past year alone. (

HIV pandemic is mostly driven by sexual transmissions and it affects children, young people, adults, women and men.  UNAIDS states that the first case in Kenya was detected in 1984 and by the mid- 1990’s, it was one of the major causes of illness in the country and the leading contributor to deaths, putting a strain on the health care system and the national economy.

Due to increase in health care availability and increase in facilities and social awareness’ campaigns carried out by the government and other non -governmental organizations, a lot of infected people are treated and receive quality health care which led to a reduction in mortality rate. Even though we are a long way from eradicating this virus, it is a step in the right direction.

Under our core pillars of Poverty Alleviations and Promotion of Health, Optiven Foundation aims at assisting the United Nations HIV/AIDS alleviation by 2030 goal, by striving to remind the public that HIV has not gone away and there is still need to raise awareness and fight prejudice and improve Education on HIV/AIDS on what it is and how it caused

As an organization, we have taken the following measures in regard to this year’s theme combating this epidemic.

  • End AIDSPersistent challenges by COVID 19 require us to recommit in fight to end AIDS globally by 2030. Optiven Foundation strives to end the epidemic by encouraging people to be regularly tested and to take care of themselves to reduce the chances of getting infected. If already infected one is advised to take care of themselves properly to avoid transmission to others, this is not a death sentence and one should not despair if found with it.
  • End InequalityWe must ensure everyone everywhere has equal access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care including COVID 19 vaccination and services. Optiven Foundation tries to end inequality by providing funding for orphans studies regardless of their status. This is to give them the opportunity to get quality education and to help their lives and for them to be able to chase their dreams.
  • End PandemicThe marginalized communities are the most affected people by both the COVID 19 and HIV epidemics. Optiven Foundation encourages people to wear masks and adhere to the guidelines given out to be able to stop the spread of the virus and possibly put an end to the COVID19 virus. They do this by providing marginalized communities with masks and sanitizers and foodstuffs to the families affected by the pandemic.

As  a society we should be able to be champions against HIV and COVID 19 pandemics. We should provide equal opportunities to everyone and promote equality and bring an end to the epidemics. A healthy world is a catalyst for a healthy society.

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