Yes….you heard it right. Creating over 1 million Entrepreneurs by 2035, that is, in the next 20 years! Optiven Foundation, a charity started less than one and a half years ago by Optiven Real Estate, is not leaving anything to chance. Inspiration, motivation, mentorship and giving back to the society is its main focus at such a time like this. The Foundation Chairman, Mr. George Wachiuri confirms the above caption.

“Yes, With Ksh.2,000,000 Revolving fund set aside by Optiven Foundation, The foundation intends to fund the Best top 20-50 ideas from all the youth who will pitch their ideas after May this year after the Launch of”creating over 1 million Entrepreneurs initiative” in efforts to create jobs for the youth. “Unemployment tune “has become a theme song for so many years over the years.” laments George.

Calling to “Serikalisaidia” has become the order of the day, Observes George Wachiuri. George notes that the huge amount of Time and energy spent by most of us complaining, murmuring, lamenting about lack of jobs is enough to create jobs for 1, 2, or even 5 people per person. George explains that the purpose of this initiative is to create jobs for the youth.

  • Why The Passion and Drive?
    Optiven Group exists to socially and economically empower and Transform the Society. “We cannot do this if our youth are unemployed.” Advises George. Right now, Kenya stands at 40% Unemployment level, out of which 70% are the youth. What happens to the many, angry and bitter unemployed youth? George says that Most of them indulge in criminal activities such as drug abuse and trafficking, joining illegal sects, carjacking/hijacking, killings and murder among others. George also observes that if every person create 5 jobs, we would be able create over 5 million jobs in Africa.  Yes, we all heard that very well.
  • How Do We Create Over 1 Million Entrepreneurs in 20 Years?
    George explains that this initiative will be done through Mentorship programs, Trainings, Talk shows, Public Speaking, injecting the above mentioned seed capital to fund the Best ideas, influencing policy change in government where we will charge them to relook at our education system to match the society’s needs , Partnerships among others.Optiven Foundation is calling on to like-minded people to come onboard and partner with them in curbing the Unemployment “song” in Kenya, once and for all.
  • And How Realistic is this?
    “I can see it in the horizon. I can see over 1 million Entrepreneurs in a span of 20 years. That is the power and mystery of a vision” Says George.
  • Where is our starting Point?
    “I will go without salary for 3 months. This is our starting capital. “Explains George. “We will also work with fund drives,Partnerships, KEPSA (Who will help us get these youths), Ministry of Youth (Devolution), Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise and Business consultants who are willing to offer these consultancy on a voluntary Basis “Continues George. George further states that the Winners will be incubated for 3 months, as they undergo mentorship and trainings before they are released to go out and venture in these Businesses.
  • Whats Next After This?
    George explains that the SME sector contributes over 25% GDP in any economy. “With this Initiative by Optiven Foundation rolling, we plan to increase this to 30%” Asserts George. Let’s meet on the 6th of May as we launch this initiative “Creating over 1 million Entrepreneurs by 2015”. And this is just the beginning……”Eyes on the Community “Is the Optiven Foundation’s Motto, Good and Better things are just ahead, The movement has just started!