A 10 day challenge that kicked off on 12th April 2021 was the beginning of celebrations to mark the 2021 Earth Day celebrations. This was part of different activities that added value to the GoGreenNaOptiven initiative under the hashtag #optivenearthchallenge.

Through the period in question, environment lovers joined in different activities, including advocacy and information sharing on ways to safeguard the environment, donation of water harvesting tanks under the Optiven Group Foundation and a widespread greening exercise across Optiven projects in Machakos, Kitengela and Kiambu counties. https://www.optiven.co.ke/newsblogs/commitment-to-going-green/

The launch of the #optivenearthchallenge ended on a high when the Chairman of the Optiven Foundation, Mr. George Wachiuri, joined customers and well wishers in greening of the various projects. Among the key activities was the greening on Amani Ridge the Place of Peace on 15th April 2021 during the installation of water piping and electricity on the project based in Kiambu County.

The activities also saw the planting of trees at Garden of Joy by Optiven which is located in the Eastern part of the country that is ravaged by a lack of water but with abundant resources of solar. All these activities were a precursor of the Optiven Foundation’s celebration of the World Water Day and the International Day of Forests respectively. https://www.optiven.co.ke/newsblogs/green-living-sustainably/

Speaking on the GoGreenNaOptiven initiative, Wachiuri said, “it is upon each human to leave the world a better place and restoration of our environment is it. If all of us did something to better our environment, we will be lending to the future and the generations to come.

He advised that there are a number of actions to be taken to achieve a better environment including use of solar powered appliances, reusing and managing plastics, harvesting of rain water, embracing environmentally friendly building technologies, appropriate waste management and most important of all, restoration of the environment through greening and tree planting.

All these Optiven Foundation has achieved through the different initiatives it has taken in collaboration with stakeholders, the community and local administration at the grassroot level. https://www.facebook.com/groups/gogreennaoptiven

What about the Earth Day 2021? This day is celebrated on the 22nd of April every year. The theme for this year is Restore Our Earth. The focus of the celebration is on embracing natural processes, emerging green technologies, and thinking innovatively on how we can restore our earth.

Commenting on the theme, Wachiuri noted that, “this year’s theme is the reason why GoGreenNaOptiven initiative was launched in 2020. During the Covid pandemic, this theme has been at the core of our advocacy and activities in encouraging all people to restore the earth. So I agree with the global Earth Day stand that mitigation or adaptation are not the only ways to make the world better but if each of us cares enough, we can restore our earth.”

The call to restore the earth is urgent seeing that this is the only planet we have to live on. A healthy planet supports our livelihoods, health, survival and indeed our well being. This makes it true that seeking to achieve a health planet is not an option but a necessity.

Join the GoGreenNaOptiven Facebook group and together let us take care of the planet by taking action to restore the earth.