Valentine’s Day is all about showering each other with love. It’s time to exchange cards, candies, while winning and dinning with our loved ones.

Here at Optiven Foundation, we believe that giving is not a duty but a privilege. That is why we have opted to celebrate our Valentine’s love with those who earnestly deserve a simple hand to lift them from their current state; like Eunice Kemunto, a 25 year old lady from Kisii County, who was born without hands and legs. This single mother resides with her widowed mother and has been brought up in abject poverty.

Kemunto has been immobile throughout her life and has never had the privilege of owning a wheelchair, which would go a long way to help her mobility.  Optiven Foundation in partnership with Kenyan Philanthropist in Kansas made a decision to make her move easily. The Foundation has already embarked on giving a number of wheelchairs to Kenyans and in the recent past, we have received over 500 dire requests from immobile Kenyans across the country.

You can also participate in this great cause. You can donate a single wheel chair, and make a life-changing difference on someone’s life. Be part of Optiven Foundation’s transformation agenda.

Contact the Head of Optiven Foundation: 0718 776 033

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