The 2022 observation of the international day of the African child was another opportunity to benefit the children of Malindi. The Optiven Foundation which was represented by the Optiven Real Estate staff serving in Malindi, joined the Talal Community initiative in a tree planting exercise before engaging the public in matters key to sustainability.

Liason Officer for the Coast Region, Damaris Mbalu was on the ground to participate in the exercise which was preceded with a donation of trees towards the afforestation exercise. The event coincided with the observation of the World Day of the African Child celebrated annually on 16th of June each year.

The theme for this year’s observation was “Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children: Progress on Policy & Practice since 2013”. One of the practices that has been highlighted as harmful and which affects children in environmental degradation including forest destruction, improper waste management, lack of natural resources that support life as well as a lack of knowledge with regard to sustainable living.

Speaking during the event, Mbalu who represented both Optiven Foundation and Optiven Real Estate noted that there is need to invest in our environment and protect it because it makes our lives better. She noted that the Optiven Foundation through it’s environment pillar has been working with communities to encourage, advocate and support initiatives towards sustainability and greening in the society.

ABOVE: Damaris Mbalu (second left) representing Optiven Group Foundation on 15th June 2022 during the donation of tree seedlings to be planted on the Day of the African Child held on 16/6/2022. With her are officials from the Talal Community CBO that organized the event.

During the event, the Optiven Foundation donated trees to be planted by the members of the community including members and friends of the Malindi based Talal Community.  The Optiven Group through it’s GoGreen Initiative has partnered with different stakeholders to add value to the sustainability agenda by participating and donating trees, including sustainability agenda’s in their engagement with the community and working with customers under Optiven Real Estate to bring to life the sustainable living agenda on it’s projects.

Through embracing different sustainable development goals of the United Nations, the Foundation has been able to impact the community through education, environmental support, partnership and advocacy.

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