In a momentous gathering that radiated hope and determination, Optiven Foundation in the presence of Hon. Ann Wamuratha and H.E. Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi, EGH graced the vibrant launch event of the “Mama Boys Mashinani” initiative. The event, held at the Nachu Ward Ruthigiti Playground in Kiambu, Kenya, marked the inception of a groundbreaking program aimed at enhancing the lives of young boys and men throughout the region.

The atmosphere at the launch event was one of enthusiastic anticipation, as community members, local leaders, and supporters came together to witness the unveiling of a program that aspires to catalyze meaningful change. Hon. Ann Wamuratha, a dedicated advocate for the positive transformation of the boy child, joined hands with the Optiven Foundation and H.E. Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi to empower the men

Lucy Muriuki, a representative of the Optiven Foundation, took to the stage to highlight the Foundation’s role in supporting and uplifting boy children through education. Amid the jubilant atmosphere, Lucy Muriuki, commended the visionary “Mama Boys Mashinani” initiative and expressed the Foundation’s strong support for its goals. With a profound sense of purpose, she shed light on the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to empower young boys through various educational and mentoring programs.

At the heart of this initiative program lies a noble objective: to uplift the lives of young boys and men by providing them with the necessary tools to navigate the challenges of daily life and contribute positively to society,” she stated during her speech.

The visionary goal for the initiative is nothing short of inspiring: to guide at least 100 boys from each of Kiambu’s 12 sub-counties through a process of reformation and personal growth by the year 2027. Central to the program’s approach is a focus on mental health. Recognizing the ever-increasing pressures that young individuals face, the initiative seeks to bolster their emotional well-being and resilience. By offering support, mentorship, and resources, the program aims to equip boys with the skills to cope with life’s demands and pressures.

Furthermore, the “Mama Boys Mashinani” program places significant emphasis on skills development and talent nurturing. The Optiven Foundation with its partners envisions a future where boys are not only mentally fortified but also empowered with vocational skills that match their interests and aspirations. Occupational training tailored to their preferences will be provided, allowing them to explore and cultivate their talents effectively.

The launch event itself was a testament to the unity and shared commitment of the community. Hon. Ann Wamuratha and H.E. Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi, EGH addressed the attendees, expressing their dedication to the program’s objectives. Their words resonated deeply, igniting a sense of purpose among the crowd.

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