The Optiven Foundation in partnership with the Technical and Vocational Education and Training hosted a Mentorship Day at the Optiven Transformation Centre. The Mentorship Day was part of the Foundation’s initiative to equip the students with other non- academic skills that have will impact their self-esteem positively and change their point of view on life. The Mentorship Day targeted 40 students enrolled in the Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program.

The Mentorship Day, centered on career selection and development, sought to equip the students with the relevant skills to ensure they select their most suitable career path and encourage enrollment into universities. As part of the Optiven Foundation research, it was discovered that most of the students supported also required intentional support into career selection and development.

This is also evident in the country’s rate of enrollment. According to The Economic Survey 2022, the number of student enrolment into university has a 7,795 drop from 55,488 in 2020/2021 to 47,693 in 2021/2022. The number of female students dropped from 12,932 last year to 11,137, while that of male students has dropped from 42,556 to 36,556.

In an attempt to ensure that the students enrolled in the Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program aren’t subjected to the same fate, Optiven Foundation awarded them with one- year scholarship and committed to consistent mentorship during the period. The scholarship was made possible through the Foundation’s collaboration with Upside Trust, a charitable organization in the United Kingdom.

While speaking during the Mentorship Day George Wachuiri, Chairman and Trustee of Optiven Foundation, encouraged the students to be disciplined, committed, dedicated and consistent in order to ensure that their success in life. He encouraged them to dream about their future, trust in God, plan their future, get a mentor and build relationships.

The Optiven Foundation continues to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

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