The expanse of Kitui County complete with it’s hills and valleys, different sands and soils as well as a collection of institutions is also home to Kakululo. The secondary school in Migwani was the venue for a unique meeting as it was the host ground for two trustees of the Optiven Group, Mary Wacuka and Bishop Phillips Kitutu. The duo were in the area located in Mwingi North Constituency where they took good tidings to parents of 10 pupils who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations in 2019.

The meeting held at Kakululo Secondary School came shortly after the Ministry of Education announced the results of the said examination. Parents and guardians of ten pupils sat in the classroom waiting to know what Optiven Foundation had to offier. The journey had been a tight call for a majority who had struggled quite some to ensure that their children make it to the eighth grade amidst the different challenges.

The decision to visit Kakululo Secondary School was for the parents to receive the good news of scholarship grants courtesy of the Optiven Foundation. Speaking at the venue, Wachuka advised that the criteria for selecting the beneficiaries of the scholarship was based on a need analysis carried out earlier to ensure that no valid case would be left unattended.  Wacuka says, ‘the process is rigorous and open to ensure that all the beneficiaries get a fare chance that will propel their lives to a better future.

While we receive many requests for scholarships at the Optiven Foundation, we understand that there are cases which are more deserving than others.’ The move will see 10 pupils receive support to pay for their tuition fees and further enable them acquire uniforms for their various schools.  The scholarship which is under the Soaring Eagles Scholarship Programme SESP intervention will be in force for a one year period. According to Bishop Katutu, ‘the pupils now set to join secondary schools will enjoy the scholarships for a period of one year.

We are confident that all the scholarships will be renewed after that but this will be pegged on the performance of the child based on a continuous progressive assessment’. Both Katutu and Wacuka underscore the purpose of the scholarship grant as a tool to mentor the students and to provide financial assistance. According to Wachuka, ‘the Optiven Foundation has been involved with various interventions in the education sector because of the transformative nature of knowledge in the society.

While we are involved in other areas including environment and health, all else is advised by the need to make a transformative change at the grassroot level through SESP’. The Soaring Eagles Scholarship Programme SESP has been involved with matters education through provision of support to students in various schools across the 47 counties.

In a bid to empower pupils and students at the grassroot level, Optiven Foundation has also engaged different stakeholders including communities, authorities and the national government to harness the best opportunities in giving back to society through education interventions. In a bid to meet the needs for assistance in the society, Optiven Foundation has engaged different partners key of which are customers of Optiven Real Estate and other subsidiaries of the Optiven Group.

Wacuka says, ‘a big share of the support for the activities of the Optiven Foundation have been made possible by customers of Optiven Limited. This is because a 5% fraction of all payments for investment in Optiven Limited goes back to the community through the Optiven Foundation’. She called on well wishers to join in and provide any support possible towards enabling transformation to happen by partnering with Optiven Foundation.

 Will you join us today? Together let us transform the society, giving more smiles, one individual at a time.

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