By Kate Khasoa, Brand Strategist

After 20 years of impacting the society, socially and economically, Optiven Group is now stoically set as a game changer in business. The story of the journey that made Optiven what it is today is no secret. From the biography written in his book Soaring Like An Eagle, Chief Executive at Optiven Group, Mr. George Wachiuri has been featured widely as he shares his ups and downs in making Optiven what it is today.

It is that inspiration that also birthed innovative ideas on how to maneuver the streets of business worlds, leading Optiven to the award winning company it is today. But suffice to say the glue that has held it all together has been strategic partnerships.

The penultimate has seen the company sign partnerships with the media to further improve it’s social footprint through it’s foundation activities. Starting from the core, Wachiuri has authoured two books, proceeds of which go to support the Optiven Foundation at 100% basis.

Bishop Phillips Katutu, a Trustee of the Optiven Foundation says, “we have impacted more people in far flung counties made possible through partnering with churches, corporates and individuals as we seek to improve the well being of the less fortunate in the society”.

The cleric has been on the ground, distributing food under the Optiven Foundation “Feed One More” program in Samburu, to medical camps and building houses in Kakululo, as well as providing scholarships for students in 41 counties.

His views are supported by Ann Nyaga, the Optiven Foundation Coordinator who has been at the center of supporting vulnerable households during the Covid 19 pandemic as well as donating wheelchairs to persons living with disability across Kenya. Ms Nyaga says, “our partnership with donors of new wheelchairs has made it possible to change the lives of people living with disability in different counties thanks to the MOBILITY that Brings Smiles initiative of the Optiven Foundation.

Through this initiative which is under our health and poverty alleviation pillars, we have been able to partner with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kajiado most recently.” As Chairman of the Optiven Foundation, Wachiuri adds, “partnerships with different philanthropists such as Astral Aviation, The Nation Media Group and Fusion Capital, have enabled us achieve mega steps in the area of poverty alleviation in Kayole, Community Empowerment in Ivovoani and access to education in 41 counties”.

Why then are partnerships important? Companies can reap the benefits of partnering with other businesses. However, it pays to know some important steps in identifying and attracting partnerships that complement your core offering in this case successful philanthropy.

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