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Today is the World Nature Conservation Day

Today is the World Nature Conservation Day. It underlines the need for preserving the environment for the posterity.  In recent times, the need for keeping the environment has become more stark in view of relentless human overexploitation of resources. It is


Optiven Foundation Celebrates Youth Skills Day

Mr. George Wachiuri was among the key speakers at the Emerge Young Leaders Summit 2021. The day coincided with the global observation of the World Youth Skills Day 2021 under the theme, “The future of youth skills”. The day which is


Renewable Energy and the Green Agenda

OPTIVEN’S #GoGreenNaOptiven Campaign pushes Resource Sustainability At the center of the #GoGreenNaOptiven agenda, is the need for an understanding of why this campaign is necessary for our planet. This comes amidst a growing concern on the depletion of energy resources which


Optiven Foundation Empowers Officers in Prisons

The Foundation partnered with International Leadership University empower officers at Kiambu GK prison during the third Annual Prayers Breakfast Service of Prisons in Kenya. This service aimed at empowering Youth in Prison with social-economic programmes structured to develop leaders of integrity

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