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Foundation transforms with wheelchairs

#MobilityThatBringsSmiles CONTINUES AS WORLD CELEBRATES World Wheelchair Day 2021 The Optiven Foundation has been at the forefront in pushing for the inclusivity of people living with disability. Through it’s #MobilityThatBringsSmiles initiative launched in the year 2019, the foundation has been traversing


Optiven Foundation focuses on education pillar

Under the Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program SESP, the Optiven Foundation impacted needy students by donating examination materials. Our objective is to facilitate a smooth examination process especially for the form four sitting the national KCSE Exams. To our partners and philanthropists,


Could Dehydrated Fruit Enhance Food Security?

One of the goals of GoGreenNaOptiven is to find unique interventions that support sustainability in living. Of this sustainability, food takes a top role and as such becomes a topic of interest. Looking at the above subject, the question then becomes,


Flowers and How they Help the Environment

Happy plant a flower day. Yes, today is a calendar day set aside for planting flowers. A key date for top events sites and hotels globally, the day is however not well known in Kenya. For countries such as Belgium and


Optiven Foundation Focusses On Education In Muranga County

Under the Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program SESP, the Optiven Foundation impacted the community of PCEA Mahutia and Kiamuri Secondary Schools. Some 43 students were assessed and mentored under the Optiven Foundation Education pillar. The students were guided to understand The Scholarship

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