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Welcome To The Optiven Foundation Food Drive

On 16th September, Optiven Foundation empowered the Laikipia County community in Nanyuki by donating food to hundreds of people affected with the ongoing ravaging drought. >>> With the looming hunger crisis, the Optiven Foundation continues to work with volunteers and


Mobility Dream Comes True

54 year-old, whose legs were amputated due to diabetes , has everyone reason to smile after Optiven Foundation impacted her life under the #MobilityThatBringsSmile  Initiative. The Foundation has empowered her with a gift of independence by donating a brand new wheelchair.


Education For Future Generations

Education is a basic right that determines the quality of life. It improves knowledge, skills & attitude. Most importantly, education affects chances of employment in the society.  The government of Kenya has over the years been investing in education, with expenditure

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