The GoGreenNaOptiven Campaign seeks to not only change the way we live, but add value to the environment in which we live. With the current state of the environment, each action is needed to make the world a better place. We can not do it alone, and this is why we invite you, to join hands with us, and make it a reality as we all GoGreen!

Why Go Green?

  1. Preserved Water and soil quality adds value for your home for future generations.
  2. Saves the cost of water and energy.
  3. Green energy equals healthy energy and purified air.
  4. Improves the current fluctuating climate change patterns.
  5. Reduces carbon footprints.

Will you commit to the agenda?

I Commit to engage in at least one or more of the following Going Green undertakings:

  1. Rainwater collection: Construct with a roof that facilitates harvesting of safe water for drinking.
  2. Greywater recycling: Have safe water reservation and purification tanks through the use of environmentally friends recycling methods such as use of Bio-digesters.
  3. Environmental preservation: Preserve and plant trees and crops that protect the environment
  4. Organic food: Commit to plant, buy and consume organic food.
  5. Home construction: Design, construct, maintain, refurbish and operationalize a built environment that minimizes
    • Lifecycle energy,
    • Emissions,
    • Water,
    • Resource utility,
    • Other environmental impact outcomes.
  6. Waste Management: Local waste management that do not contaminate the environment and reflect environmental, economic, and social impact to the community

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