It is the responsibility of everyone to tender and care for the planet for better and healthier future generations. We call upon you to join any of these categories:

  1. Those who are more environmentally friendly
  2. Those who are ecologically responsible in both their decision making and lifestyles
  3. Those who protect environment
  4. Those who protect and sustain the natural resources in their area of business
  5. Those who help to conserve resources like water, air and vegetation
  6. Those who produce eco-friendly products, thus preventing pollution of our air, water and land
  7. Those who can prove that they have been using Green Energy/clean energy such as solar power or if using conventional energy; they are using eco-friendly bulbs and that save energy.

How can each play a role this is a highlight of just but a few but you can put your role that you are doing to promote the green agenda

1. Builders/Engineers/Architects/Interiors designers

  • Use of solar energy/ Use of solar panels
  • Use of Energy saving bulbs, florescent tubes
  • Use of organic paints, light friendly windows
  • Use of Eco-friendly toilets
  • Harvesting of rain water from roof tops, use roofs that are Eco-friendly, ensure that water does not go to waste
  • Proof of reduction of water bills as a result of going green
  • Water recycling technologies like Bio digester
  • Those whose provide green buildings, Eco-friendly homes

2. Farming, gardening, landscaping experts

  • Use of drip or sprinkler on not flooding water while gardening or farming
  • Use of organic pesticides
  • Use of organic manure
  • Those who increase forests cover

3. Health businesses, Schools, Hospitals

  • Those providing natural skin care products & not petroleum or synthetic ingredients on the products
  • Those offering advice on going green, creating awareness of going green
  • Those who teach children on being a friend of the earth
  • Those who buy from ethical farmers who are known to produce organic products

4. Transport industry, drivers, delivery companies and logistics firms/organizations

  • Those who reduce carbon emissions directly or indirectly
  • Any Awareness of climate change
  • Any knowledge of carbon emissions and how to reduce?

5. Property Owners within Optiven Projects

  • Planting of trees in their plots
  • Adoption of water recycling technology
  • Establishment of Green Spaces
  • Proper waste disposal

6. SMEs

  • Those who recycle waste
  • Those manufacturing from the recycled materials
  • Those who take proper care of electronic wastes
  • Tech companies that have a green policy on disposal of electric waste
  • SMEs that can prove awareness of global warming

7. Families

  • Those who adopt any of the going green initiative say family tree planting, planting a tree during birthday instead of having a birthday cake or doing both
  • With children who are aware of climate change and also alive to ways of preventing in preventing it
  • Families that are involved in separation of different form of waste and or engaged in any form of recycling

8. Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment join

  • Provision of organic food to customers
  • Support of local farmers who do organic farming
  • Awareness of climate change and its risks to humanity

9. Decision makers- checking the green component in your venture

  • Any policy decisions on going green
  • Awareness on global warming
  • Any knowledge of implementation of United Nations Development Goals

10. Children

  • If you are a child who is school going or otherwise and you have started being sensitive to the planet by doing conservation activities

11. Others

  • If you believe that you are a friend of the planet, let us know

#GoingGreen=Healthy Families

George Wachiuri
Optiven Foundation