Today, the world over, planet enthusiasts celebrate Earth Day. This year marks the 42nd anniversary since the conception of the day. The 2022 theme is invest in our planet earth. The planet is facing different issues which need to be dealt with in order to save our resources including water, land, food, and  oxygen.

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century for the planet continues to be climate change, a concern that needs the intervention of all of us. This should be our concern if the report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change is anything to go by. The third instalment of the sixth assessment report indicates that there is an urgent need to cut emission of harmful gases to manage the adverse weather we are experiencing.

Under the GoGreen Initiative, leading real estate company Optiven has taken steps to enhance the quality of life on it’s projects by planting trees and embracing renewable energy.

The next big challenge is plastics and the pollution that comes with it’s inefficient disposal. The challenge with plastic is that it is not biodegradable and can only be recycled to a certain extent. While Kenya through the National Environment Management Authority banned the use of thin unrecyclable , plastics in the year 2017, it is sad to note that more of that plastic is finding it’s way into oceans and land, creating an eyesore and environmental hazards for all.

The Optiven Foundation has in the past worked with communities at the grassroot level to advocate for better sustaitability and care of the environment. Chairman of the Optiven Foundation George Wachiuri says, “Through holding public barazas, engaging with communities in public cleanups and sharing key information on matters environment, the Optiven Foundation hopes that their action will create a movement of environment sustainability revolutionaries within the communities.” And there are more and more challenges.

What can we do to make our planet better? How can we operationalize this year’s theme of the Earth Day observation which is Invest in Our Planet?

  1. Eat plants
  2. Don’t drive but cycle
  3. Walk often
  4. Adapt green policies
  5. Use paper or glass but ditch plastic
  6. Eat locally sourced food
  7. Practice recycling
  8. Dispose your waste responsibility
  9. Use renewable energy
  10. Embrace going green

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