On the corner of a Nairobi street, a 10 year olds life begins the day with begging. He arrives early in the morning to take advantage of the reduced cost of traveling from the informal settlement that he calls home. Because he has only one leg, his sister has been his constant companion to and from home, in the city and back.

This is the latest beneficiary of a brand new wheelchair under the Optiven Foundation #MobilitythatBringsSmiles campaign. When the social worker first approached Johnie, he wasn’t sure if he should trust her or not. The social worker who is a keen follower of what Optiven Foundation does, persisted in reaching out and finally on 25th January 2021, the wheelchair arrived. His sister just stood in unbelief wondering what was going on.

Exhilarated yet grateful, all the while noding and saying she now believes in miracles. Ann Nyaga, the Optiven Foundation Coordinator says it is because of people like Johnie that the foundation exists. Through partnerships with individuals and corporates that we are able to transform lives and bring smiles.

Chairman of the Optiven Foundation, Mr George Wachiuri says, “we have been consistently reaching out to beneficiaries across the counties since 2019. Our intent is to transform lives by donating new wheelchairs to those abled differently, transforming lives and making our world a better place“.

Thus far the Optiven Foundation has partnered with associates at Optiven Real Estate which supports 90% of the Foundation. The foundation has also received donations for wheelchairs from individuals, corporates, groups and churches to make the mobility that brings smiles a reality.

You too can be a part of this Transformative agenda

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