Optiven Foundation celebrates the International Literacy Day 2023 with the theme “Promoting Literacy for a world in transition: Building the Foundation for Sustainable and Peaceful Societies,” which highlights the importance of literacy. Sustainable Development Goal 4 ensures inclusive and equitable quality education allowing access to all children regardless of their background.

The Optiven Foundation is committed to social responsibility and pursues literacy through their “Education and Job Readiness pillar“. George Wachiuri, Chairman of the Optiven Foundation is a champion for education and has urged the government to invest in education, improvement in the quality of teaching and reduction of gender disparities in schools. The Foundation believes literacy is essential for people to participate fully in society and achieve their full potential.

Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program serves under the Education and Job Readiness pillar providing financial assistance to bright and needy students. Launched in 2016, the program covers the school fees and also provides mentorship and support services to help the students succeed as Ann Nyagah explains, “SESP is a valuable initiative in line with the SDG’s that is helping to break the cycle of poverty and raise the living standards

Other initiatives that the Optiven Foundation have been supporting include building of libraries and other educational infrastructure like laboratories in these schools in addition to the provision of academic materials like mathematical sets, books, school uniforms and student lockers. Fusion Capital and Upside Trust have come to partner with the Foundation to ensure learners acquire knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.

George Wachiuri is also an author of 3 books: Soaring Like an Eagle, Unleash Your Full Potential and the recently launched After the Plunge where all proceeds are directed to the Optiven Foundation. Literacy is a powerful tool that can be used to create a better and sustainable world.

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