Education is widely seen as one the most promising paths for individuals to realize better and more productive lives. Education is not just literacy; it is an effective tool to eradicate poverty and a powerful channel for peace and personal progress. Providing direct assistance to identified students and schools allows many children the opportunity for potent change. Education is probably the gateway to wealth, well, what happens when you are not able to enroll in a school to get that education, or when you have to drop out of school because you can no longer afford the charges that come with it? This is happening in this very country, and so in Laburra secondary school, located in the quite areas of Kieni, in Nyeri county.

Most students at Laburra secondary School have been victims of school drop outs, eager to get education but the conditions have been so unfair to them. This has been due to the fact that their parents are peasant farmers and living in abject poverty, what they make from the casual labor they do daily is hardly enough to feed the family and at the same time cater for school fees. This students are average performers but due to being out of school for the better part of the term ,end up performing poorer. This means, they cannot liberate the family out of poverty and thus the vicious cycle of poverty continues.

These are students who go without meals for days, and are still expected to perform excellently in academics. Some lack basic daily upkeep, sanitary pads, soap and books and even uniforms. Some have to do hard labor and still go to school. Others are to some extent the bread winners of their families, and have to feed themselves and their siblings, source for their school fees and learn. This can be solved by me and you. These students would like every other student be spreading margarine on bread, to bathe with perfumed soaps, to apply skin lotions and to have no worry on where the next sanitary pad will come from and to sit in a classroom entirely throughout the one term after the other

 This can only be made possible by all of us joining hands, so far Optiven Foundation apart from paying school fees for 5 has built a class room for the students; the school still requires School Laboratory, a toilet block for girls, additional classrooms, dining hall and an administrational block. This is so possible with your donation and contribution coming our way. Let us team up and provide education to these students as they will be the future generation of great leaders and entrepreneurs in our mid-level society.

Education is power and creates long term sustainability. We offer the opportunity for you to be part of creating sustainable development by sponsoring an individual student or contributing towards this effort. Each child educated encourages the education of another. To sponsor a student in a day school for one year it’s Ksh. 15,000 which translates to Ksh 60,000 in the four years.

We intend to visit the school on the 28th of March and would request for your support so that once more we are able to add the number of the students under our sponsorship. One of the ways we have raised finances is through the sale of the book, Soaring Like an Eagle,’ authored by George Wachiuri, one of our trustee’s, all the sales proceeds are channeled to the charity, provision of education being one of the areas of focus. With every book you buy, a student is able to stay in school.

We will always keep you posted of how the beneficiary is doing and performing in school and we will create opportunities for you to be able to probably meet them .Again, as a donor, you will join the Foundation’s list of philanthropists. The student will know that wonderful donors are helping them and this will motivate them to perform better and thus be worthy of your assistance. Most of them would not otherwise be able to go to school. Thank you for your assistance to make education possible.

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Thank you for supporting