It was both a humbling and great being with street families at the Deliverance Church, Eastleigh. The church offers a program which invites these street families in their compound every third Saturday of the month. This program gives them a ray of hope beyond the nature of hardships they experiences in the streets, the place they call home.

Optiven Team led by the CEO Mr. George Wachiuri took it up on themselves to feed, preach and council these great young people. We talked to them about how God can change their lives to the better. To our surprise, a majority of them were willing to change and receive Christ into their lives.

We were also able to learn that these individuals were both intelligent and talented but trapped in a life that themselves do not approve of. Their greatest wish is to learn the best way out that life and rebuild a better life for them and the people around. At the end of the meeting, they were able to see through a transformation that is not far from them as they had thought before.

We, individually, were challenged by the nature of their lifestyle and their strength to conquer and survive each passing day. We are confident that these individuals will make the leaders this Nation greatly deserves as they have the stamina and persistence we may all lack from time to time.To crown the occasion, Optiven Limited opted to support 3 young men and contributed Kshs. 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) to the church in order to cater for the future same events which will improve and change of this energetic and gifted Kenyans.