Impact Across Counties Courtesy of Optiven Foundation and Partners

Saturday January the 9th of 2021 was indeed a special weekend for many.  The Optiven Foundation took the time to put together an awarding ceremony online to celebrate the Go Green Champions for their input in different initiatives under the campaign.

The campaign launched by Optiven in 2020 seeks to encourage investors in real estate to adapt sustainable initiatives in a bid to safeguard the environment.  The impact and action on the issue of the environment stems from the Optiven Foundation’s pillars among which is environmental protection.

According to George Wachiuri, Chairman of the Optiven Foundation, ‘environmental degradation affects all of us and the real estate sector is in a great place to be of value to the country and world at large.  Why do I say this?  The way we live greatly affect the environment in which we live.  Am happy to note that while there are many players in the sector, Optiven continues to paceset on matters real estate and now in terms of engaging stakeholders towards going greenHis sentiment augur well with the track record of the go green initiative based on a look at the activities and action points taken since May 2019.

Among the remedies inculcated in the Optiven strategy to meet the need for going green, is the use of environmentally friendly building materials.  As at December 2020, the company had already begun the installation of recycled fencing poles in order to conserve the environment.

The development saw the use of the poles in erection of road signage on the projects, fencing of green areas where allocated, and aesthetic planning within the projects.  Wachiuri notes that, ‘over 7 billion trees are cut each year with a big percent of these going towards fencsing.  As Optiven, we are also champions of tree planting and are keen to stop deforestation as much as possible.

Optiven has so far planted hundreds of trees in its projects as part of value addition to its customers and part of it’s corporate social responsibility through the foundation.  Other initiatives include the planting of trees in a majority of the projects, installation of solar street lighting, rolling out the adaptation of the Optiven Environment Charter as well as championing for green initiatives to enhance sustainability of the environment among others.

A visit to Victory Gardens by Optiven in Kitengela is testimony to the impact on waste management where investors that have settled at the project are installing and using bio-digesters on their properties.


The #GoGreenNaOptiven campaign Optiven is keen on enlarging the number of investors with land in their wealth portfolio.  The unique campaign will benefit investors with a piece of land that has ready titles, value additions, and ready to build Environment, you can actualize your dream of property ownership.

Already Optiven Limited has through it’s project management division accelerated the value additions on its premier projects.  This year alone, the company has expanded it’s transformative agenda on the projects by installing solar street lights, solar powered water features, biodegradable waste management technologies as well as greening of the different projects through using sustainable building methods, planting of trees and provision of greening common spaces in the projects.

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