The World Toilet Day is celebrated on 19th of November every year.   In recognition of the importance of these facilities and in line with the Sustainable Development Goal number 6, the Optiven Foundation partnered with Optiven Homes to build a block of toilets at Korompoi Primary School.   The school located in Kajiado County had a limitation of toilets with the administration and pupils sharing one the same facilities.

Speaking at the school, George Wachiuri, Chairman of the Optiven Foundation thanked the county government for allowing investors to invest in the wider Kajiado County while at the same time appreciating the school’s management for nurturing the pupils to be leaders of tomorrow.   Wachiuri added, “the role of a teacher is very key not just to the pupils they teach but to the community for the benefit of future outcomes.   Am glad to be a part of the Korompoi Primary School and making life better for the teachers too as they work hand in hand with the parents to nurture the children for posterity.

The school through it’s Board of Management took the opportunity to thank the Optiven Foundation for the great donation that was done in record time and with great finesse.   The board through it’s Chairman took the time to further request for support in terms of donation of desks for the students.  Many of the students at the school have not desks in their classrooms.

The few that are available are shared by over 5 pupils making it an uncomfortable.  In response, Wachiuri thanked the investors in Optiven Real Estate who by virtue of buying properties, enable the company to donate 5% of the income to Optiven Foundation and by extension the society.  Wachiuri noted that, “the building of this ablution block here at Korompoi Primary School is a part of the funds to facilitate education across the county.   For us at Optiven Foundation, we have received a great success all because of giving back to society.

Quoting the recent donation of land to a beneficiary in need, Wachiuri cited the case of Josephine Leshao as a way to give back to the community under the poverty eradication initiative of the Optiven Foundation. He added that for other interventions, Optiven Foundation had given massive support during the onset of Covid including a donation to the government.   On greening and sanitation, Wachiuri noted that the time to go green is now and Optiven is leading by example through it’s GoGreen initiative.

Wachiuri said, for schools and homes as well as institutions, it is important to harvest water so that children can drink naturally healthy water.  For those building, remember to harvest water and store it for future use, meaning choose your roof carefully.”  Through the Education Pillar, Wachiuri announced that the Optiven Foundation would support the education of five pupils at Korompoi Primary School in 2022 as well as donate 25 desks.   Wachiuri called on well wishers to join the initiative and donate 3,000 shillings to enable a pupil get a desk at the school.  The Optiven Foundation also donated food stuff to the school and community.

And as the world celebrates the international day for toilets, this raises awareness of the 3.6 billion people living without access to safely managed sanitation. According to UN -Water – the United Nation’s coordination mechanism on water and sanitation – the theme for this year’s observation is ‘valuing toilets’.

It is also an opportunity to take action to tackle the global sanitation crisis and achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030. Sustainable Development Goal 6 is about “clean water and sanitation for all” aimed at ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.”

Ahead of the day, the GoGreen Initiative under the Optiven Foundation joins UN-Water in its global social media campaign around #WorldToiletDay. This year the campaign draws attention to the fact that toilets – and the sanitation systems that fund them – are underfunded, poorly managed or neglected in many parts of the world. This has devastating consequences for health, economics and the environment, particularly in the poorest and most marginalized communities.

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