The Optiven Foundation in conjunction with it’s partners including the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship has for the last five years been working on empowering youth. The initiative has seen hundreds for youth from different institutions getting an opportunity to learn from professionals while at the same time acquiring important skills to prepare them for the employment space.

At the fore front of the initiative have been the Optiven Foundation staff led by Ann Nyaga who have traversed the country to offer key psycho social support to youth through counselling. The same has been replicated during the activation of different pillars under the Optiven Foundation where the youth at these events have benefited from scholarships as well as from career advisory.

The most recent addition to the team that makes it possible in partnership with the Optiven Foundation is none other than Fusion Capital. This July the company offered to upscale it’s donations to the Optiven Foundation in support of it’s two pillars in health and education.

Fusion Capital joined the other partners who played a key role in youth empowerment including the Upside Trust of the United Kingdom that has been a tremendous support to the education pillar and in particular technical and vocational training from the county level.

Advocacy for youth opportunities has also formed a key milestone where none less than the Chairman of the Optiven Foundation, Mr. George Wachiuri has been a voice of reason calling out stakeholders to take in interns from university. Wachiuri has also been consistent in mentorship of young professionals under the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship which has seen three cohorts graduate.

Through the inclusion of the Optiven Management Training Programme –OMTP, Optiven has given youth an opportunity to experience the workplace thereby giving them much needed exposure and hands on experience to prepare them for the work place.

The result has seen a number gain employment at Optiven or it’s subsidiaries while others have gone on to take key positions in blue chip organizations across the country. So far the OMTP has attracted mentees from different universities and even countries including students from Uganda and South Africa among others.

This year, the Optiven Foundation joins the world in celebrating World Youth Skills Day which is celebrated every 15th of July. The theme is Skilling teachers, trainers and youth for a transformative future. It aims to highlight the important role that teachers and educators play in shaping the youth.

To be a part of the Optiven Foundation transformative agenda