It was an exciting day as Optiven Foundation team visited Mukui Primary and Secondary Schools to empower students ahead of their national exams. The students were inspired as well as issued examination materials, as they prepared to sit for KCPE and KCSE exams.  The team led by Madam Mary Wacuka, a Trustee of Optiven Foundation, were on a mission to inspire and offer moral support to the candidates, living right to the Foundation’s core pillar of providing and supporting quality education in the society.

“We believe that with education being a core component of the development of a sustainable economy, we can assist to provide and enhance quality education as means to alleviate poverty and influence transformative change in the society,” said Madam Mary.  It was equally humbling and exciting as the team paid a visit to Laburra Primary and Secondary schools. Led by Ms Joyce Njambi-the foundation coordinator, the team spent the day with students, offering guidance and inspiration, as they prepared for their final examinations.

Madam Mary Wacuka, a Trustee of Optiven Foundation participating in a classroom activity at Mukui Secondary school.

Mr George Wachiuri, the Foundation Chairman and an alumnus to the school, continues to be passionate and instrumental in providing support to ensure that students have the right environment to foster education in an efficient and effective way. He has continued to participate in the school’s various projects and activities since the school was incepted in 2012, doubling up as a board member of the school.

During the closing ceremony, the Principal Mr Sam Waweru advised that the teachers have done their best to prepare the candidates for the exams and that they are hopeful that this year students will deliver better results than the previous year. Waweru assured that their best efforts were stressed on the average students with the sole goal of raising the school’s mean to a higher score than last year’s.

The principal also alluded to all students that despite their learning efforts, making it to the university should not always be the destiny as there are other opportunities such as tertiary institutions and colleges that are credible as well. Further, he added that these institutions such as TVET are vital in helping students to develop the technical and practical skills needed to improve their livelihood and to be competitive in today’s ever-changing world.

Girls of Laburra Secondary School empowered with sanitary wear ahead of the exams.

The team provided students with Mathematical sets, rulers, success cards and sanitary wear for the girls to set the pace for outstanding and to wish them the best in their exams set to begin on 4th November 2019. We were more than pleased when the students stood out in great confidence that 2019 will be the year when the school will record the best performance compared to other years.

Optiven Foundation Team Leader, Ms. Joyce Njambi (left) and Laburra Principal Mr Waweru (right) poses for a photo with two of KCSE candidates.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” These great words by Nelson Mandela sought to recognize that education is a great vehicle to bring equality of opportunity to the world.

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