The celebration of the Public Service Day 2023 indicates Optiven Group recognizes the importance of serving the public and contributing to the welfare of the community. It celebrates the value and virtue of public servants in line with Sustainable Development Goal 16 – Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

As Optiven Group CEO George Wachiuri puts it, “Public Service is not merely a job. It is a noble calling and a commitment to the greater good of the society.” In a world that often emphasizes individual achievements and personal gains, it is important to remember the power and significance of service to others as it is through public service that we can address societal challenges, promote equality and ensure justice for all. The day is crucial to the Optiven Foundation having been involved in different events highlighting their contribution to public service.

In 2023, The Foundation guided by their 4 pillars have transversed over 15 counties to promote education and better health services, to provide access to food to donations and protection of the environment. Ann Nyagah the Optiven Foundation coordinator emphasized the day set aside by the United Nations is about serving others and ensuring the community is a better place even as the Foundation prepares for a massive tree planting on the 24th June at Wema Gardens, one of Optiven’s prime properties.

Tree planting initiatives help reduce poverty by providing people with an increase in food production and improving food security. This initiative also helps mitigate climate action through reducing pollution and providing clean air for living organisms. This is the second tree planting event as George Wachiuri called to uplift others through collective efforts so we can build a more just, inclusive and prosperous society.

Every 5% invested with Optiven goes to the Optiven Foundation. Become a Philanthropist today.

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