The Optiven Group Foundation has launched the GoGreen Awards 2021. The launch pad for the awards was it’s greening partner and strategic business unit, GMC Place KITENGELA. The event coincided with the launch of the awards website as it seeks to reach participants from allover Africa.

George Wachiuri, Chairman of the Optiven Group continue in his remarks noted that GoGreen Initiative by Optiven had left it’s footprint across Kajiado County. He added that through the Initiative, health centers, common public spaces, public schools and roadsides had benefitted from GoGreen Initiative activities.

Wachiuri advised that through the experience of reaching out to the public on matters Environment, thus GoGreen Initiative was born.  Speaking at the same event, William Makuyi the Chief in charge of Oloolooitikoshi location echoed Wachiuri’s sentiments noting various support Initiatives by Optiven Group Foundation. Makuyi said, “the entry of Optiven in the location has opened up the area through empowering the community socially and economically.

Through the Optiven Group Foundation we have received sponsorship for education in 5 Schools. On matters of Environment we have partnered with Optiven and continue to do so through advocacy in public barazas”. He advised that through advocacy and collaboration, the community in the county continues to uphold the no-cutting-trees rule to better the planet.

James Laboi, representative of the county government of Kajiado while giving his speech expressed the great joy of working with Optiven in partnership across the county. Lamoi urged all to embrace Environment sustenance as a personal responsibility for a better future.

With the launch of the awards, the nomination process now begins on The GoGreen Initiative has also provided 25 categories basedron the 2015 sustainable development goals and under which awards will be given.

The nominees are set to be announced in 60 days time, with the judges commencing their reviews on the nominees. Thereafter the awards ceremony will take place on Saturday 11th December 2021 and is expected to host participants from all over Africa. The theme for the awards is Greening our Planet for a better future.