Optiven Foundation, the soft arm of Optiven Group, has today launched a 5 weeks campaign that aims at supporting the underprivileged in the society who are currently bearing the brunt of the current Covid-19 Pandemic in Kenya.

The pandemic, which has necessitated hundreds of formal and informal jobs to temporarily close, as part of support to Government’s clarion call for social distancing, has resulted into many needy cases across the country. Some of these needy cases are now seeking help on basic human needs such as food and medicine.

“It is in this spirit that Optiven Foundation has launched this campaign today targeting hundreds of families that are distressed. We have come up with this initiative to help spread hope by supporting the less fortunate, who are not able to meet basic needs such as food, especially during this period when resources are hard to come by, for many,” says Mr. George Wachiuri, Optiven Foundation Chairman and Trustee.

He notes that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that for this particular tunnel, someone has to at least light a candle.

Mr. Wachiuri has accordingly called on well-meaning Kenyans to come together and participate in alleviating the pain and suffering of Kenyans who are pressed down by this devastating pandemic. “The needs are already overwhelming as thousands of Kenyans get holed up in their homes and other hosted by friends. Food is now a top priority at the moment,” he added.

He avers that this time round, all humanity has a responsibility to check on each other and to help light a neighbor’s candle; to give Hope.

Those who are keen on being part of Optiven Foundation’s initiative can send their contributions through

  • Mpesa Pay Bill 898630
  • Account Name Hope