Optiven Foundation, the soft wing of Kenyan based Optiven Group has just partnered with Shiloh Afrique Foundation, which is founded by the well renowned philanthropist Madam Christine Muchene. The Kenyan based philanthropy outfit acknowledges the great works that Shiloh Afrique Foundation is undertaking and is very pleased with this new collaboration.

With its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia, Shiloh Afrique is a household name in America and has been active in many charitable areas that include medical training initiatives for students mostly from Africa. The Foundation has so far trained hundreds of students in care management to students from Africa, the Caribbean and America.

Shiloh Afrique is also actively engaged in shipping wheel chairs, clothes, diapers, and other key necessities for the needy in Kenya. “The vision of Shiloh Afrique Foundation is very close to Optiven Foundation’s and for this reason Optiven Foundation only finds it most prudent to extend its hand of financial support to Shiloh Afrique Foundation,” says Mr George Wachiuri, the Chairman and Trustee of Optiven Foundation.

Optiven Foundation, has been growing at an amazing rate for the last several years. The Foundation is 98% funded by Optiven Group, 1.5% by George Wachiuri through proceeds from the books that he has authored and honorarium paid to him when he talks to corporates and churches and 0.5% from friends of Optiven.

Optiven Foundation is steadily walking the footsteps of great multinational charitable outfits such as the Rockefeller Foundation and is envisioning coming up with a state of the art university hospital in Africa to further help the less fortunate in the society.

If you want to be part of Optiven Foundation’s transformation agenda, you can contact us

Head of Optiven Foundation: 0718 776 033
See more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOxB1sTIeO0&t=98s