From the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2015 in Nairobi.

Nairobi — Private sector companies around the world committed to train and mentor over one million entrepreneurs and pledged nearly Sh71 billion of capital to the next generation of entrepreneurs

1) United States Firm Village Capital (VilCap)
Will invest over Sh1.3billion to support entrepreneurs at the seed funding stage with 25 entrepreneurs from Kenya expected to benefit.

2) Coca Cola Foundation
Will invest Sh454million towards new youth empowerment initiative targeting 25,000 young Africans in areas of business skills and access to employment.

3) The Mara Foundation
Pledged to empower one million youth and women entrepreneurs in East Africa through the Mara Mentor Platform. The platform will offer free courses, mentoring, e- learning, business financing through Mara Ad Venture Investments, networking and internship opportunities. The GES 2015 is the first in sub-Saharan Africa highlighting entrepreneurial dynamism of the continent. The Global Entrepreneurship Network is also launching in Kenya and will commit Sh10billion for programs to support entrepreneurs in the country. About 1400 entrepreneurs and investors from across the world are in Nairobi for the conference.

Asenti runs different programs currently; Entrepreneurship County Edition and Startup Campus, the program’s aim is to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship in Africa and to create a wider network for potential trade and partnership in Africa and the diaspora. We are committed to making Africa a hub of opportunities by bringing the opportunities closer to its people; our focus is diverse through our different programs and initiatives. ASENTI aims at reaching to Youths and business leaders in Diaspora.
African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ASENTI) is a forum that bring SMEs, startups and different stakeholders for an insensitive interaction and training on entrepreneurship and Innovation from across Africa, The summit bring together top leaders in the industries to share knowledge on business and Innovation.
Our Mission is to; transform individual lives in Africa from all economic, cultural and social background for economic prosperity by fostering the culture of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for a competitive global market. Our Vision is to; see Africa’s people flourishing and their lives holistically transformed through Innovative mindset, well established government policies, entrepreneurial spirit and economic empowerment for better living standard.

5) Keroche Foundation –
If you are aged between 21-35 running a business that is more than three (3) years old and is based on a compelling and innovative idea with huge potential for growth, then you should enter the 2016 Keroche Foundation Academy Season 2. It doesn’t matter what your background is, or your field of business – as long as your business employs more than five (5) persons and turns over revenue of more than Kshs. 10 million a year. Any business can grow if ambition and capability are combined. With many small business owners, the enthusiasm with which they once started dies away gradually. This ‘business as usual’ mindset is an enemy of growth. Some others aspire to grow but fail to see that growth does not happen automatically. Smarter leadership, better strategies, new systems and processes and better focus are required for growth. With critical appreciation of this phenomenon that has led to high business rate failure, the Keroche Foundation has conceptualized a mentorship programme that seeks to share Keroche’s 19-year-old experiences alongside other established entrepreneurs and encourage young business to seek self-improvement for growth. The Keroche Foundation Academy is designed to foster a culture of entrepreneurship in Kenya and to encourage the growth of innovative businesses by Kenya’s young entrepreneurs. The Foundation’s vision is to empower young entrepreneurs with skills and opportunities they need to build their businesses, promote job creation, create a better future for themselves, their communities, and the country. The programme dubbed “Hand-Up Initiative” seeks to combine established and successful entrepreneurs with upcoming entrepreneurs in a nine-month mentorship programme to share practical knowledge, impart lessons based on experience, provide networking to help shorten the learning curve. This initiative is an integral part of the plan by Keroche Breweries to give back to Kenyans in appreciation of the support given during the last 19 years that helped built Kenya’s first fully locally owned brewery.

6) Chase Bank
Mid-tier lender Chase Bank has secured Sh5 billion ($50 million) from the African Development Bank (AfDB) for on-lending. Chase Bank chief executive officer Paul Njaga said the facility, already approved by AfDB board, would enable the lender expand lending programmes to small and medium enterprises. Chase Bank is targeting to lend Sh60 billion to the sector in the next three years. The focus will be on SMEs run by women and youth in sectors such as agribusiness and trade. The bank made the announcement at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held last year in Nairobi. “SMEs are the engine of growth of Kenya’s economy in terms of employment creation and income generation. For the sector to grow sustainably, barriers to access financing will need to be addressed,” said MrNjaga during the signing of the agreement Wednesday. “We are therefore delighted by the partnership we have established with the AfDB to support clients in this business segment that have traditionally been underserved. This facility will also enable Chase Bank pursue one of its key mandates of achieving financial inclusivity.” AfDB regional director, Eastern Africa, Gabriel Negatu, said the multilateral lender is keen on partnering with financial institutions that seek to promote inclusive growth in Africa. “By partnering with Chase Bank, the AfDB complements its existing initiatives to support SMEs in Africa as well as the development of private sector and financial markets in the continent. “We are pleased to have this opportunity to work with Chase Bank which will help to contribute towards financial intermediation by promoting SMEs’ access to risk capital as well as enhancing the capacity of entrepreneurs in Kenya and Africa in general,” said Mr Negatu. MrNjaga meanwhile said the new facility would be lent across key sectors of the Kenyan economy including business services, building and construction, retail, transport, communications, manufacturing and the hospitality industry.
Wednesday, MrNjaga said the lender had already disbursed loans nearly half the target at close to Sh30 billion. In December, Chase Bank secured a Sh3 billion loan from the Global Climate Partnership Fund for environmental friendly energy projects.

7) KCB Lions’ Den –
From Dragon’s Den to Shark Tank, this globally successful business TV show is now in Kenya, branded for Africa’s most powerful predator as Lions’ Den. Aspiring entrepreneurs get to pitch their business ideas and products to a panel of Kenyan business moguls who have the cash and the know-how it takes to succeed.
Kenya’s most daring entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to step into the den to convince the Lions that their business is worth investing in and offer a share of their company in return. The Lions have pledged millions of shillings of their own personal wealth towards investing in ground-breaking ideas through Lions’ Den, powered by KCB Bank, the largest commercial bank in East Africa. But beware, it takes more than passion to convince these boardroom giants that an idea is worth their attention, and if the entrepreneurs disappoint or anger the Lions, they will walk away with nothing. Do not enter the den unprepared. Lions can smell opportunity just as much as fear and failure. Welcome to the Den

8) The GrowthAfrica –  
The GrowthAfrica accelerator programme is demanding, but so is success! For six months you will be tearing up your business model and all its constituents, analyzing them to bits with the help of a team of skilled and experienced business executives, successful entrepreneurs, maven investors and the GrowthAfrica team, who themselves are experienced entrepreneurs, consultants, mentors and advisors to successful business across the region. Through our initial 5-day boot camp and the subsequent six 3-day workshops we will establish the foundation and equip you with tools to diagnose your business and devise strategies to optimize your business in all conceivable areas. After each workshop you will work in-company with the assistance of your mentors, facilitators, growth catalysts and sages to implement your new strategies and innovations – boosting your growth trajectory in significant ways. The GrowthAfrica team provided hands-on support and worked with us through our business and strategy whilst connecting us with investors when the time was right and our business was ready. Catherine Mahugu, Co-founder of Soko Furthermore, we focus on sharpening your leadership skills through a number of coaching sessions; and provide you with one of our skilled finance associates who will aid you in developing your financial model, gain a profound understanding and appreciation of the financial aspects of your business, and create a useful decision making tool. Workshops are usually carried out Thursday-Saturday every four weeks, providing you with enough time to apply what you learned, plan and prepare for the upcoming workshop, and run your business in the capacity need

9) Cytonn Entrepreneurs Hub (CytonneHub)
Entrepreneurship remains the core engine of growth in any diverse and growing economy, hence the biggest determinant in job creation and uplifting the standards of living.  CytonneHub is a 12-week training and mentorship programme for young and upcoming entrepreneurs that seeks to enhance knowledge and capabilities on how to run and grow successful enterprises. It is an initiative of the Cytonn Foundation that encompasses all pillars of the Foundation namely: Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Training and Mentorship. CytonneHub transforms ordinary entrepreneurs to sharp entrepreneurs by covering the following topics:

  • Role of entrepreneurship in society, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and what drives entrepreneurs
  • Identifying a business opportunity and packaging your business idea
  • Understanding and developing your business strategy, mission and vision
  • Legal aspects in your business
  • Sourcing for capital and overcoming capital challenges
  • Understanding and preparing financials for your business
  • Business development and product development
  • Building a brand for your business
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • Acquiring and retaining the best asset- People
  • Having the best client service
  • Mentorship and networking

About the Training
CytonneHub is a 12 module course that shall be carried out over a period of 12 weeks. Classes commence on 10th September 2016 and shall be happening every Saturday from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon at our offices, 6th floor, The Chancery Building, Valley Road Nairobi. To enhance the learning experience, CytonneHub will have weekly assignments, evaluations and mentorship sessions in addition to the class room training. Participants should be able to make a 12-week commitment and have the time to engage intensively in the programme. This is because training is very practical and hands on. Your investment towards becoming a sharp entrepreneur is Kshs. 5,000 which can be paid in installments over the 12-week period; the proceeds of the programme will go towards funding the award for the most exemplary participant, which is a capital injection of Kshs. 100,000. Upon successful completion of the modules, you shall be awarded with a certificate of participation and have a graduation ceremony.

Why Choose to Apply for The Cytonn Entrepreneurs Hub?

  • CytonneHub is perfect for you if you are considering an entrepreneurial venture but do not know how to go about it or if you are an entrepreneur and you are wondering how to take your business to the next level
  • CytonneHub will give you access to mentors who will help you think through your business and overcome some of the challenges you face while running a business
  • CytonneHub will give you an opportunity to compete for actual funding in a forum of serious investors looking for venture opportunities

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • An individual with an already existing business which has been in existence for a period of between 6 months and 1 year
  • Someone with an actionable idea and a business plan; however, business ideas will only be limited to the following sectors: real estate, financial services, technology, education, and renewable energy

Applications Process
Kindly visit to apply. Applications are open from 22nd July 2016 to 19th August 2016. Classes commence on 10th September 2016