The scent of roses, the hullabaloo associated with the day or even the red colored landscapes of women, men, young and old bustling with the spirit of Valentines filled the air on the 14th of February all over the world. In the city of Nairobi, many would be seen struggling to purchase flowers on the streets of the Central Business District, clearly these being the last minute planners.

At some of the flower shops, those who had planned for the celebration of love earlier were either picking their orders or confirming that what they ordered is what will reach their loved ones. At Barclays Plaza, the story was a little bit different with the core being a celebration of love and it kicked off early on this day.

Associates engaged with different departments within Optiven Limited, joined hands with those serving at the Optiven Foundation were headed for Kayole. This was to go and share a special kind of love for the little children at both the Soweto Children’s Home and Imani Rehabilitation Agency.

ABOVE: It was also a time to continue our campaign of MobilitythatBringsSmiles by donating wheelchairs to those abled differently in Kayole on 14/2/2020. With the beneficiary is the Head of Foundation, Ann Nyaga center and Property Advisor/Philanthropist Margaret Wambugu.

Prior to that, the team at Optiven Limited had for the better month of February been donating tins of milk that the children at Imani Rehabilitation Agency – still in the Kayole area – are dependent on. The associates together with other well wishers managed to source for funds worth over 100,000 shillings all of which went towards buying formular milk for the little ones at Imani Rehabilitation Agency.

The initiative led by Mary Wacuka – a trustee of the Optiven Foundation and the General Manager at Optiven Group, continues to receive good will and with the outcome it is hoped that their lives will be transformed. Back at the Soweto Children’s home, the associates interacted with the children while some were busy preparing tasty meals to celebrate Valentines.

ABOVE: Hundreds of tins of formula milk donated by Optiven Foundation and philanthropists to Imani Rehabilitation Agency in Kayole on Valentine’s Day 14/2/2020

The bustle at the home was courtesy of Optiven Customers – some of whom later on Valentine’s Day were making their way to a spectacular dinner experience at the GMC Funplace in Kitengela. This is because, the Optiven Foundation is on the most part which is about 90% of the cost of funding – funded by the customers who buy our value added properties and 5% of all monies in from Optiven Real Estate goes into the foundation.

As a matter of fact, a diaspora customer with Optiven Real Estate donated a whole mbuzi and another 15,000 shillings – all to share their love with the little ones at Soweto Children’s Home on this Valentine’s Day. The Optiven Foundations engagement with the children at both Imani Rehabilitation Agency and Soweto Children’s Home is in recognition of the health pillar that advises the operations of the foundation. Through the health pillar, Optiven Foundation has been able to provide the children with decent accommodation, food and medicines as well as clothing and other needs.

ABOVE: Associates from Optiven Limited representing Optiven Conversion, Optiven Pillars and Shamba Mkononi at the Imani Rehabilitation Agency on Valentine’s Day where they donated formula milk and foodstuff to the little angels in Kayole.

And as the sun sets on the day of red or love, the children at these two homes enjoy meals and donations. What is love if it is not shared? In the case of Optiven Foundation, sharing will always remain at the core of our business be it in environment, education, health or other interventions. Speaking as he flagged off the associates to Kayole, Mr. George Wachiuri, the Chairman of the Optiven Foundation said, ‘the reason we are on this earth is to make a difference in the lives of others – more so those who are not able to help themselves in one way or another.

The children in particular are of key significance – seeing that the future can only be bright if we help them become better citizens and encourage them to have hope that they are walking into a bright future.’ He added that, ‘we cannot do this alone, that is why we welcome partners to join hands with us through their donations in any way to the Optiven Foundation – they do not have to be Optiven Customers, but all of us are philanthropists and capable of making a difference’. Indeed there is Valentine’s and then there is the Optiven Valentine.

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