Today is the World Nature Conservation Day. It underlines the need for preserving the environment for the posterity.  In recent times, the need for keeping the environment has become more stark in view of relentless human overexploitation of resources.

It is this state of affairs that has led to the escalation of action under the GoGreen Initiative by Optiven. Speaking to Cathrine Khasoa on the same, George Wachiuri, Chairman of the Optiven Group Foundation says, “we have witnessed bizarre weather patterns and it is increasingly becoming the norm the world over.”.

He notes that this is why the Optiven Foundation celebrates global observations such as the world Nature Conservation Day. The day is observed annually on July 28 and aims to create awareness about the need to preserve the environment and natural resources in order to keep the planet healthy.

Wachiuri adds that, “we are custodians of our planet and that’s why we must be deliberate from how and where we live, what we do to improve our ecosystem restoration and being the much needed voice of charge and change for our future“.

Through the GoGreen Initiative, the Optiven Foundation has been at the forefront in advocating for better practices that help with Environment sustenance. From engaging communities to enlighten them on benefits of caring for the environment, to participation in stakeholder forums where they share milestones as well as partnering with key players to make a difference in the community.

As the world celebrates nature conservation, the saving of plants and animals threatened with extinction is one of the primary focuses. There is also an emphasis on keeping the various components of nature intact including flora & fauna, energy resources, soil water and air.

Wachiuri adds that for those already doing something, they must be encouraged thus the reason the Optiven Foundation launched the GoGreen Awards in 2021. The awards are scheduled for 11/12/2021 in Nairobi where winners will be awarded in 27 categories aligned to the UN sustainable development goals. Already 1000 applicants have lodged their entries with leading Media conglomerate Nation Media Group coming on board as the official media partner for the event.

Today is an attempt at recognizing that a healthy and well-functioning environment is critical for sustaining a stable, productive human society. It also underlines the need for preserving the environment for the posterity.

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