Optiven Foundation today celebrated the year 2018 Valentines’ day with orphaned children at Soweto Anti Aids Children’s Home in Kayole and donated provisions worth over Kshs 500, 000.  Led by its Chairman and Trustee Mr. George Wachiuri, the Foundation which is almost completing a home for this children worth over Kshs3 million, has opted to shower love to these children’s home, which is currently home to over 50 orphaned kids.

Most of these kids have been orphaned by the scourging HIV/Aids. Currently it is estimated that Kenya has over 3 million Orphans, 47% orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS. At the same time, the number of HIV Exposed Infants in Kenya currently stands at 3.7% in 2017, according to the Ministry of Health. During this auspicious event, the founder of this Home, Madam Anastasia Egala, noted that she was forced off her place of work at a local Community Health Care after lettingin, a number of local destitute kids, to camp at the health facility.

“The facility couldn’t cope with my philanthropic action and they asked me to leave the hospital and take the kids away with me,” says Madam Egala. Soon after this incident, in 2010, Madam Egala managed to secure an informal shelter at some neighbourhood. Optiven Foundation came in right on the heels of this set-up and has been supporting the shelter ever since.The Foundation has since been providing provisions for their upkeep.

So far, Optiven Foundation has embarked on coming up with a suitable permanent structure that is now at its last phase of completion. This modern building, once complete will have hostel rooms, classes and a modern hall, amongst other facilities. “I am so happy to see that the work that we started some years back is almost coming to the completion and that these children will soon be moving in to the new structure,” says Mr. Wachiuri.

It is also very humbling for me to spend my day with these boys and girls, to shave the boys, to cook for them and to mingle with so many less fortunate at this great home. At Optiven Foundation, we value the act of serving others. We are also strongly guided by a deep urge to transform our society,” says Mr. Wachiuri.

Optiven Foundation believes that its efforts on this particular project will inspire other Private sector players in Kenya to come in and partake in the social transformation agenda in Kenya.

Optiven Foundation can be reached on: Email: info@optivenfoundation.org or relationship@optivenfoundation.org