In the most sincere way we thank all Optiven staff, customers and friends for incrementally contributing support to our online campaign via  #SpreadingHope

We were able to raise 597,000 shillings and we are grateful to all philanthropists. We take this opportunity to especially appreciate Optiven Limited for their generous donation of half a million shillings of which 50% went to the private sector initiative to support Covid-19. To maintain the government directives, the beneficiaries will get support through Mpesa transactions to the most deserving cases.

George Wachiuri, Chairman of the Optiven Foundation says, ‘ as accountable partners, the foundation has established structures to ensure the right people get support. In this regard we are handling the first batch of support to 100 families disadvantaged by covid-19 pandemic.’

He expressed gratitude to all philanthropists saying that support has helped keep an eye to the very needy in the community

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“Eyes On The Community”

George Wachiuri
Chairman ,Trustee Optiven Foundation